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Settle Abroad

For those wanting to migrate abroad, we offer documentation processing, application and filing services. Our Immigration Processing Department ranks amongst the best in the world. A highly experienced research team evaluates and processes cases diligently as per the latest rules and regulations.

Because we file the highest number of applications from India, Y-Axis also employs or works alongside Accredited Immigration Lawyers at our offices overseas and partner offices.

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Australia Skilled Migrant

Visa programs under Subclass 189/190/489 are for skilled workers intending to migrate to Australia. While Subclass 189 is a skilled independent – permanent visa, Subclass 190 is a skilled nominated – permanent visa and subclass 489 is a skilled regional – provisional visa. A visa subclass has to be chosen based on the skills, requirements and eligibility of the applicant. It is necessary for applicants to qualify in the points-based test. The points for these subclasses are calculated on various factors such as English language proficiency, age, educational qualifications, etc.

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry Program was launched in January 2015 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for skilled labour to enter Canada and join its workforce. Invitations for this program are open throughout the year. Since it has no restrictions, any number of people can apply through this program. Persons with experience in any field of work, skill or professional background can put their profile in the pool. The Federal and Provincial governments of Canada then choose eligible applicants.

Germany Job Seeker Visa

People intending to apply for employment at the German Labor Market need to get their final qualification assessments done by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB), which has been entrusted with that specific responsibility. The assessment is done to compare the certificates given in other countries to those given in Germany. It must be noted that the procedure for professional recognition is not the same as certificate assessment. This process has to be followed because Germany does not recognize the certificates of higher education awarded by certain countries.


Immigration Services

Y-Axis offers end-to-end services for those intending to migrate abroad. There are a few countries that currently have a point-based immigration programme for those who want to work and settle there. There are a number of categories through which aspiring migrants can file their applications. Occupations that are in demand get bonus points and are processed faster; these vary from one country to another.

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Overseas Placement

Upon completion of the information form, Y-Axis places their resumes on its hotlist. Overseas employers access this list to seek candidates who suit their requirements. If an employer is interested in an applicant’s profile, a Y-Axis recruiter will contact that person to coordinate for an interview and take the process forward. Applicants are not charged for these services, as employers pay placement fees to us.

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Concierge Services

Y-Axis Concierge is a service-oriented process that intends to deliver value to our customers & continuously improve our service offerings. Y-Axis Concierge’s experience is backed by a vast network of resources which drives our success today. We help you manage your ‘To Do’ list by cutting down your personal time you would spend standing in long queues at the banks/universities/government offices or elsewhere.

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