Job Search Services

  • Y-Axis can help you get started on your Job Hunt while you are still in your Home country.
  • The best part of this service is that we send your resumes to employers who are looking for people with your profile.
  • Our service costs are minimal and you can be assured that your resume is received by hundreds of employers and placement agencies – while you do nothing yourself. You sit back and get on with your routine while your profile is consistently marketed by our Job Search Services team.
  • When an employer is interested in your resume, you get an email directly in your inbox. A great option for the busy professional who doesn’t have the time to actively market himself!
  • Y-Axis uses state of the art technology and experienced HR professionals whose sole aim is to send out your resume to matching jobs and employers.
Y-Axis 2 years ago
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Y-Axis 3 years ago
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lisa 4 years ago
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lisa 4 years ago
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lisa 4 years ago
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